10 reasons not to use an online rota software

10 reasons not to use an online rota software

It would seem that every business and their office dog use some sort of online rota system these days. In almost every sector too, from healthcare to residential care, hospitality to retail – everyone seems to love it.

But before you jump head-first into the rota revolution – you might want to consider these ten totally legit reasons to forgo online rota software.

  1. You enjoy the frantic call around to everyone on a Friday night to see who can cover the weekend shifts. Who doesn’t want to hear those remarkable excuses?
  1. You prefer to spot those staffing gaps the week before. Planning ahead gives you anxiety. Why would you want to know about problems?
  1. Staff like to call you. Like, a lot. Any overtime going? Can I have leave? Can I swap my shift? Can I start late? Doing it all online would give you both a headache.
  1. Your team enjoys your poor planning. They didn’t want to take leave this year anyway.
  1. Your staff – especially your part timers – just love finding out their shift patterns at the last minute so they don’t end up making personal plans that might interfere with their work.
  1. Manually updating a spreadsheet daily with rota changes is what you live for – especially a shared spreadsheet. Those conflicts are just so much fun.

  1. You thrive off the excitement of having someone on shift without the relevant skills. It keeps things fresh and, what’s the alternative? Updating the Mandatory Training spreadsheet for the 30th time this year? No thank you.
  1. Who wants to see those repeated shift gaps? Keep those recruitment needs a mystery. It’s much easier to keep going back to agency when things fall short.
  1. Sitting down with 50 timesheets, your paper rota and a coffee at payroll time is like a more exciting version of spot the difference.

  1. That time three people turned up to the same shift was hilarious, we all laughed!

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